Landscape Design & Construction

Landscape Design & Construction

  • Patios
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  • Stone walls
  • Lawn Repair & Installation
  • Drainage Projects
  • Fence Installation

About Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction is our specialty. This includes patios, walkways, stone walls, and other hardscapes. We also do drainage, and lawn repair and installation. We have a 5 step hardscape design process outlined below.

The Landscape Design & Construction Process.


Site Visit(s)

We will schedule a convenient time to meet with you outside at your home to go over your ideas and give our suggestions. We will talk about site conditions and any obstacles that may be present. And then we will take measurements and photos. Depending on the scope of work and complexity of the project we may need to do a 2nd site visit.

Design & Proposal

Depending on the size of the project it may take us up to a week or more to finalize your design & proposal. The smaller designs and proposals may take us less time (2-3 days). Designs & proposals require uninterrupted time and we do our best to set aside this time and provide our customers what they need in a timely manner.

Although every proposal is different, we typically complete a hand sketch to scale and depending on the project can turn this design into a digital 3D model.

Along with the design we will email a proposal with a detailed scope of work and the final cost.

The customer will then review the proposal and provide feedback and questions. We may need to do another site visit to walk through the design and the scope of work now that we have those items in hand. And then we can make any revisions if needed.


Project Preparation

Once you have confirmed you would like us to do your project, we will finalize materials and patterns with you and make any price adjustments that may follow with any of these material changes.

We will finalize your contract and send it to you for electronic signature and take the agreed upon deposit.

Once we receive the signed contract and deposit, we will schedule your material delivery. With the varying costs of materials and their varying availability we do not delay in getting the materials delivered to your home and stored in an agreed upon outside location even if that is 3-4 months in advance of your project. This process has worked well for us over the past few years and we have had no issues with any material related delays.


We make your project happen!!

A project manager is onsite with our crews at times throughout the project checking in to make sure that all details are followed. We will be in communication with you throughout the project and we encourage you to communicate with us throughout the process as well.


Completion & Final Payment

Once the project is completed to your satisfaction, we will take the final payment. And our hope is that you will come to us for any outdoor work in the future and refer us to your friends!

Keeping water away from your house, your basement, and your foundation is extremely important. It is probably one of the most important things you can do to prevent major problems inside your home.

Drainage projects are not “pretty” but they serve a huge purpose.  Although we do not install gutters, we highly recommend them to redirect water run off from the roof into the downspouts. If you let these downspouts drain water close to your house’s foundation then you are defeating much of the purpose of the gutters.

We recommend connecting 4 inch solid or flexible piping (depending on the situation) to your downspouts and burying them underground to a location further away from your home.

Every property is different and we can assess and suggest the best drainage piping set-up for your yard.

Sometimes it is impossible to redirect all water away from the house (especially if there is a high water table) and water may be coming up from the ground and getting into your basement. We can help with exterior perimeter drainage as well as properly sealing certain areas of your foundation.

The foundation work typically involves digging down about 8ft or so (to the bottom of your foundation), installing certain sealing products, and placing a membrane.

Foundation drainage projects can vary and we will assess your specific water situation and come up with our recommendations for the ideal foundation drainage plan.

Lawn Repair & Installation:
Often times starting over from scratch with a new lawn is not be needed.

There are many things that can be done to improve and repair an existing lawn. This may include dethatching, aerating, adding additional soil, and spreading new seed and starter fertilizer.

And there may be situations when a brand-new lawn is best. There are a few options for the installation of new lawns. But all include first preparing the soil properly. And then you can choose from rolls of sod (established grass), hydroseeding, or regular seeding. The sod will be your most expensive option but of course will give you the instant result of grass. And there are situations where sod may be the best option.

Spreading grass seed (whether it is hydroseed or regular seeding) is also a great option. When completed in the late Summer/Fall time and followed up with a consistent watering regimen nice results will follow.

No matter what, a new lawn or a repaired lawn is not a “one shot deal.” If you want to protect your grass investment you must follow a maintenance plan that aids in preventing weeds and pests and always provides your grass with the nutrients it needs.

Dethatching, aerating, and overseeding are great mechanical ways to keep your lawn looking nice.

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