Paver Patio, – Harvard, MA

New Paver Patio Acton, MA

New Paver Walkway Acton, MA

New block retaining wall leading to backyard patio –Acton, MA

New front paver walkway –Acton, MA

New retaining wall  –Carlisle, MA

Renovated front staircase –Acton, MA

Full yard renovation including retaining wall, cobblestone around driveway and fresh sod –Clinton, MA

New patio with retaining block wall – Harvard, MA


Renovation of backyard, including new paver patio and fresh sod –Waltham, MA

Circular granite steps with paver pathway –Acton, MA


New granite stairs with a bluestone walkway –Needham, MA

New Staircase –Acton, MA

New Paver Patio & Retaining Wall – Belmont, MA

New Paver Pathway with Curbstone Edging Around Mulch Beds –Acton, MA

New Paver Patio & Steps – Boxborough, MA

New Paver Patio – Acton, MA

New Front Pathway with Cobblestone Along Mulch Bed – Boxborough, MA